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Phillip Pullman - His Dark Materials. 

Artist - Peter Bailey 

Publisher - The Folio Society 

”The heroine of His Dark Materials is 12-year-old Lyra Belacqua, who lives half-wild and carefree with her animal dæmon among the scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. Lyra’s guardian, Lord Asriel, has made an enemy of the sinister and all-powerful Church authorities – the Magisterium. Caught up in the conflict, Lyra must travel great distances, to the frozen Arctic wastes and beyond, towards a fateful encounter with Will Parry, a fugitive boy from another world. When Lyra and Will join forces, their perilous journey leads them to a decisive battle between freedom and authority, in which Lyra will play the ultimate part.”

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We are Groot
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We are Groot

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i remember even just a year ago, i’d see pictures all the time of people with captions saying “i’m ugly” and stuff like that

but now, just about every day on my dash, it’s gotten to be like a thing where people will say “my hair looked super cute today” or “i’ve been feeling so body positive lately”

how awesome is that

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She is the one named Sailor….!!!

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So I was looking through the Gravity Falls storyboard for act 3 of Scaryoke, and I noticed a couple things that got cut from the final episode.

They’re mostly small things, like Dipper finding a Zombie Survival Kit in the Shack


and inside it


what is…


Gravity Falls what the hell 

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Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

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Sure Ellen Page came out of the closet but could she draw in the third grade? Macklemore investigates
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